Network Solutions for Home and Business!
Michiana Central has computer network specialists with years of hands-on networking experience.  We've designed and created networks from the smallest local area networks to larger global wide area networks spanning several continents with hundreds of workstations.
If you have a few computers at home, we can build you a local network for sharing resources (like files and printers).  Or maybe you would like all computers in your home connected to the Internet at the same time?  A local area network is what you need, and Michiana Central can help.

Network Solutions!

For your office, we can design you a new network if you don't have one yet, or we can expand and optimize your current network if you already have one.   Maybe you'd like Internet access for every PC in your office?  Maybe you'd like personal e-mail accounts for everyone in your office or need help setting up your email/scheduling server?  Michiana Central can get you to where you need to be.
Networks are not limited to single offices.  If you already have separate networks at multiple office locations, we can help you connect these networks together, securely, to share resources and optimize communications.  Whether your offices are located a few miles away or around the world, Michiana Central can help you connect them with reliable, affordable network solutions.
Please contact us to discuss your network needs.  We're confident that we can help you with an appropriate network solution.
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